Occasionally, an image captures my attention...beckoning me to look closer. Usually, those experiences, for me, occur in nature when I'm in just the right frame of mind.  More rarely, someone else's "reflective moment" in nature -- when captured just so -- screams for me to find words.  

The above image is one such visual I find too compelling to ignore.  It's a photograph recently taken by a friend on a north Texas lake.  It was a quiet, foggy morning as she went for a stroll, finding this stark image.  It compels me to think about not only its simplicity, but the fact that -- taken at another moment, from another angle -- this piece of driftwood might appear entirely different.

Such an experience beckons for a very few words...the fewest possible, in fact. Translation:  Haiku!
At this moment of the eighteenth day of a new year, I want to offer you this...a 'reflection' on the fact that any moment of your life, however seemingly insignificant, offers the gift of reflection upon the wonder that you are here at all.  Such quietus offers us the priceless gift of remembrance...loved ones whom we've lost, those who have touched us, or have been touched by our humanity.  Imagine all the possible directions that a piece of hickory driftwood could be blown.  Yet there - on that early morning - at that precise moment, it offered itself by breaking the glassy top of the water, gifting my friend the briefest opportunity to stop and admire its profoundly simple beauty.

I, for one, am very thankful she did. 
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