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  • Becoming a Self-Published Author

    Join Carl, the accomplished author, for an engaging talk on "Becoming a Self-Published Author." Discover the secrets of navigating self-publishing, from crafting compelling narratives to mastering book marketing. Gain invaluable insights and motivation from Carl's personal journey to transform your literary dreams into reality.

  • Books he has Written

    Join Carl for an intimate exploration of his writing process and the compelling stories behind his books. In this engaging talk, Carl unravels the creative journey that birthed his literary works, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his inspiration, struggles, and triumphs. Whether you're an aspiring writer or a book enthusiast, Carl's narrative will inspire and shed light on the fascinating world of storytelling.

  • Overcoming Legacies of Abuse

    In this powerful and transformative talk, Carl delves into the challenging journey of overcoming legacies of abuse. Drawing from his personal experiences, Carl shares the resilience and strength required to break free from the cycle of abuse and pave the way for healing. Join him for an insightful discussion on the path to reclaiming one's life, finding empowerment, and building a brighter future beyond the shadows of the past.

  • Overcoming Addiction

    Embark on a transformative journey of recovery with Carl as he shares his powerful story of overcoming prescription opioid addiction. In this deeply personal talk, Carl sheds light on the challenges he faced and the path to healing. Join him to gain insights, hope, and inspiration on the road to conquering addiction and reclaiming a life of purpose.

  • Spiritual Journeys

    Discover the profound depths of faith with Carl as he shares his spiritual journey. Through highs and lows, Carl's unwavering connection with his faith has led him to overcome life's challenges. Join this inspirational talk to explore the transformative power of faith and resilience.

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