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​“Confession is good for the soul.”
  • Old Scottish Proverb
On this day - Ash Wednesday - when Christians the world over reflect upon their own mortality and failings, it occurs to me how easily we humans rationalize our own misdeeds.  At this very moment, a blatant example of this is playing out on the world stage, as a Russian madman rains bombs on Ukrainians, while the rest of the world…watches.  Sins of commission, sins of omission.

Within the Catholic faith, the sacrament of reconciliation exists as a healing balm to bring us closer to the divine.  Still, is this sacrament too easily – dare I say, thoughtlessly – sought, simply to ease our consciences?  What have we done wrong?  Must we only seek God’s forgiveness? 

If the “rusty nails” on our own paths are only kicked aside, sparing us of the actual pain they inflict upon others, of what good is confession?  To exactly what have we "reconciled" ourselves?  Make no mistake, I hold myself accountable to answer these questions. 

On this day of remembering that we are of dust, bound to return there at the end of our earthly existence, my prayer for each of you is that you will discover genuine peace in making amends…by helping others find that same peace.
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