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A couple weeks ago, I returned to a "cabin in the woods" -- afforded me by our very gracious friends -- to complete the novel, Follow the Water.

The woods are a place of mysticism and healing for me…something for which I’ve felt a strong affinity my entire life.  The particular woods, in this case, are a place for which I’ve developed a certain fondness.  Each time I set foot into that forest, or down by the adjacent lake that borders it, I feel an energy course through me, akin to that of my own father's woods on his land, when I was a boy.

Sometimes, I just take a chair, sit and listen to God's whisper.  Other times, one of its "occupants" catches my attention, compelling me to a place deep within.  When that happens, a part of me opens up to receive the light of truth about our earthly existence. 

Such was the case recently, when -- wandering down to the lake, intending to perhaps watch the sunset -- I passed by a certain tree, long since relinquishing its vitality.  Yet, there it stands.  I've walked by dozens of times, and never before actually given it much thought.  On this particular evening, however, with waning sun descending, it suddenly struck me:  this tree shields my eyes from the blinding sun.  In a very real sense, it peeled back my blindness, "revealing itself" to me, you might say.

Considering all the seasons come and gone, the many other trees that now thrive because of its sacrifice, I suddenly saw with new eyes:  we are all on the same path.  What we do with our time on that path is all we have to offer up.  

Because of "discovering" this once-vital tree, I was opened...and now, the first complete draft of Follow the Water is finished.  (More on that soon.)

If there's any lesson from this experience, my dear readers, I think it's this:  open your eyes, see with your heart, and speak with your soul.

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