Excerpt from The Worst Hospital in Prague:
​Maggie and Mr. Kind Eyes both asked the crowd to back up.  For a moment, they actually did.
But minutes passed, gawkers leaned in, whispering…generally being idiots.  I lay writhing in pain, face on cold cobblestone, as the meat wagon pulled up.  Two strapping lads stumble out, shuffling over to assess and ask what happened.  I explain…and they both scurry off, returning with a gurney.
After trying to lift me, I think I yelled…something like, “NO, dammit!  Let me roll onto the gurney!” 
They dropped it beside me, stood up, adjusting their crotches.  I flopped and rolled, like a dazed trout, more or less onto the gurney.  In broken English, one of them murmurs to the other, “Mein Gott, he eez enormous!”

Digital editing & magic, H.J. McEnroe

Maggie & Max were just looking for a little Christmas R&R from the usual grind and pressure of jobs and being American parents,  What they found in a whimsical European detour was more than they bargained for.
 !!! COMING SOON !!!
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