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Carl Reinelt

River of Souls eBook

River of Souls eBook

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She'd left it all behind - The Tribe, the tragedy, and her vicious memories of the Loxahatchee River.

Thirty years later, a subpoena to testify in a Florida court case brings Hannah Simpson back to south Florida...and face to face with Mitchell Goldstein - a mysterious journalist, determined to learn her story.

Armed only with the awful truth and her vivid recollection of that fateful day, we plunge with Hannah into the treacherous Loxahatchee, and witness the young girls of The Tribe, the dangerous adventure they braved, the impossible choices...and the many predators lurking there.

As her story unfolds, Hannah suspects Goldstein's motives are anything but pure. Yet, even he can't resist hearing Hannah's incredible story. With survival threatened by every twist of the current, Hannah is compelled - by circumstance and fate - to face the mystical and dangerous forces on this river of souls.


A Note From The Author

​The journey of writing this tale is a story unto itself. My research included ‘baptism’ in a primeval jungle river, and the remembrances of courageous women. I assure you, this story of girls lost on a jungle river is authentically told. Enjoy!


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